Monday, June 16, 2008

Update on LEGO Indy....SPOILER ALERT!!!

Oh yeah.  

I'm the LEGO Indy Queen!!!!  

In saving all my valuable coins I have single handedly (well, my kids helped some) purchased the x2, x4, x6, x8 and x10 features.  This has given me a total of x3840 per coin value.  I have also purchased EVERYONE...including Han Solo.  I've also found all five of the Star Wars characters who are hidden throughout the game.  

The only thing I haven't done is get all the pieces for each levels artifact.  I'll get those sometime this week.

This game was much easier than the Star Wars ones.  

Can't wait till Batman comes out.  What shall I do until September?  Any suggestions?


Rob (feeling lonely) said...

Get a life...

Lorri said...

Aww you're just jealous cuz I was staying up late with Indy and not you.

I bet you're glad I finished the game. :)