Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Utah Feis Countdown-3 Days

Not really much to report except I worked 5 hours longer than I had anticipated, which put me 5 hours behind.  Needless to say, I didn't get much accomplished today.

One good thing did happen today. I did get a ton of last minute donations (given by truly excited and gracious people) that helped me finalize my end of a really big project that was started by some of us at the dance studio.  It's really a wonderful thing and I can't say much about it right now, except that I can't wait to show pictures on this blog in a few weeks.  I'll have to ask her permission first though.  This was a hard and sometimes draining project to accomplish, but every week I was reminded why we were all working so hard. I know we are all breathing a huge sigh of relief that we're done, but I'm extremely humbled by the outpouring of support we received.  I want to shout it from the rooftops, print it in every newspaper...THANK YOU!!!  THANK YOU!!  GOD BLESS YOU!!   

Monday, June 23, 2008

Utah Feis Countdown-4 Days

I feel so unprepared for the Utah Feis this coming weekend.  I have a bajillion thoughts and worries running through my head and not one of them is about Irish Dancing.  It's crazy.  I feel like I can't get my mind focused enough to concentrate on my children practicing for the upcoming feis.  

Chloe and Casey are doing great with practicing.  I'm really happy that Chloe has reached the point where she self corrects herself.  I don't feel like I constantly need to be right there pointing out the great things as well as the things she needs to work on.  I'm certain the extra private lessons have helped her learn that very valuable habit.  Casey self corrects, but only if he's being watched.  If I leave him alone he'll buzz through his dances and call it quits.  I don't push him, per say, but I do encourage him to stop and go back over what he feels needs work.  Mostly, he feels nothing needs extra work.  AAAHHHH!  LOL

Casey finally received his Novice outfit.  It's pretty much just his old outfit with a vest added on, but it makes such a big difference when he's on stage.  I'll post pictures this weekend.

Brenden and Braden are doing well. They are not much for practicing unless forced, but I figure how far they advance is up to them.  It's a good tool that teaches them if they practice they'll advance...if they don't, they probably won't.  Life's lessons are hard, but well worth learning.  They are ready for the feis.....well, except for one lost green tie.  I keep forgetting about that one.  I must remember to search high and low the next couple days to find it and call the tie store to get a new one!  I should also buy them new black shirts as the ones they have are getting really tight. I'm sure all the girls will be chasing after them.  Hopefully the boys will wait until AFTER the feis to concentrate on meeting them.  I know, I know... 14 year old boys priorities are not the same as their mothers.  

Caleb is excited about the feis, too.  He's in Beginner I levels and will be competing his Reel and Light Jig with 7-8 other competitors in his age range.  We got his hair cut, so he's looking great and not so shaggy up top these days.  I love watching him dance......he has this proud expression on his face. He knows what he's doing and he won't let anyone but Jill (our TCRG) tell him what he needs to change or work on.  So independent he is and oh so stubborn.  

Friday, June 20, 2008

Rob's Brand New Wife

The first two pictures are the day I got the haircut, this past Tuesday.  As you can see, Caleb also got his chopped a bit, too. He looks just like Casey now.   We were both sporting new do's. 

I was afraid to get my hair cut so short, but I trust my hairdresser.  I have a red streak on my "sweeping bangs" which luckily I can tuck behind my ear.  I got so tired of putting my hair up all the time and it was very heavy and hot.  Someday I'll grow it back long, but for now it's a good change. It's something different.  I thought it would make my face look "fatter", but I don't see that it does.  

The last two pictures are from today.  I took a shower last night and didn't do my hair.  Wow, I was in for a short hair shock this morning when I woke up.  I got my hair wet and styled it.  In doing so, I realized I need a new round brush and a couple hair products to help me out......but until then I think I did a pretty decent job recreating what my hairdresser did. 

If you don't see a difference in the two pictures...just know that I can feel it.  Mine feels a bit more poofy than after she did it.  That's all.  Otherwise, it's all good.

All finished and bored.

LEGO Indiana Jones

The game was way too easy.  I mean, I did have to use a couple helps from some internet junkies who spend all their time on the video game boards, but hey....a girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do.  I was so close but couldn't find a few pieces no matter how hard I tried.  Ironically, the harder I searched the further they were.  I wasn't the only one that looked online either.  I didn't even have to ask the question.  Someone else had a hard time finding it before me and asked.  They even left a really nice, easy to find, subject line too.   I have to thank the LEGO maniacs...cuz without them...I'd still be playing the game.

I won't even spoil the end of the game.  I will say, however, that after already having saved up to buy all the x features.....I wasn't the least bit happy with the great prize it gave me.   All that saving and hoarding of coins to purchase the x features so early in your game isn't worth it. I'm just sayin'.  

I went back and tried to finish my Star Wars Complete Saga game, but it's really boring having played it 1.6 billion times already.  I think I'll just take a break from XBox 360 and get some laundry done. Oh and someone once said that kids really do need to eat.  ;)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Update on LEGO Indy....SPOILER ALERT!!!

Oh yeah.  

I'm the LEGO Indy Queen!!!!  

In saving all my valuable coins I have single handedly (well, my kids helped some) purchased the x2, x4, x6, x8 and x10 features.  This has given me a total of x3840 per coin value.  I have also purchased EVERYONE...including Han Solo.  I've also found all five of the Star Wars characters who are hidden throughout the game.  

The only thing I haven't done is get all the pieces for each levels artifact.  I'll get those sometime this week.

This game was much easier than the Star Wars ones.  

Can't wait till Batman comes out.  What shall I do until September?  Any suggestions?

Colorado Winterfeis 2008

I found this in my draft archives and feel lame for not posting it. This trip was back in Jan 2008. Gosh. Where have I been?

February 1, 2008 @ 2:25 pm:

Sorry it's taken me a long time to post. I got sick on the airplane going to Denver which absolutely put a black cloud over my mood. I spent the weekend with razors in my throat and feeling extremely horrible. We arrived home Sunday and I've spent the rest of the week coughing up a lung. Or two.

Anyway- the Colorado Winterfeis was great. Both Casey and Chloe did very well. In fact, The Crawford School of Irish Dance novice class was well represented and placed in many dances. I am quite biased, but I must say that the whole class is amazing. They really seem to work hard as a team and this allows them to shine wherever they go. The parents of this group are wonderful. I consider them very good friends.

Casey won FIRST place in his reel. He danced with 11 other dancers, most of them girls. That is pretty amazing. Typically they have the boys separated from the girls, but not here. He still won FIRST! I'm so proud of him! Way to go Casey!! He now is Novice in all of his dances, except his Reel. That moved up to Prizewinner.

Casey also received:

1st in 4 hand
1st in 3 hand reel

1st in Reel (moved to prizewinner)
3rd in Hornpipe (stayed in Novice)
3rd in St. Patrick's Day (moved to Novice)

Chloe won FIRST place in her Hornpipe, which is a hardshoe dance.
She moves that dance up to Prizewinner and now has two dances in that level.

1st in 4 hand
2nd in 3 hand
2nd in Reel
1st in Single Jig
4th in Treble Jig
1st in Hornpipe
4th in St. . Patrick's Day

Chloe standing while waiting for her competition to begin.  She's standing because she cannot sit on her dress.  We use a padded bucket or a no-back folding tripod type chair for when she's waiting between dances.  She's so patient and I can imagine her legs are so tired by the time feis is over.  Good thing she has a mommy who will lovingly massage them after a nice warm bath.  

The lady behind her is counting for her.  Usually she doesn't need it, but I appreciate having them there.  A few times we've had someone counting off beat...good thing Chloe has good timing and is intently listening.

Casey waiting on stage for his 4 hand to begin.  There are girls next to him, but I cropped them out.  The adjudicator was late for this one.   Doesn't he look like a mini Michael Flatley?

Dancing the 4 hand with fellow Crawford dancers.

Waiting in the SLC airport for our travel mates.  Of course Chloe had to bring her American Girl doll.  :)
The drink I firmly believe was made in Heaven and brought to us by a very energetic angel.  I cannot live without my Starbucks.  

**Edited 6/15/08**
I REALLY hate that gas is $4.00 a gallon.  It's cut deeply into my coffee fund.  :(