Friday, June 20, 2008

Rob's Brand New Wife

The first two pictures are the day I got the haircut, this past Tuesday.  As you can see, Caleb also got his chopped a bit, too. He looks just like Casey now.   We were both sporting new do's. 

I was afraid to get my hair cut so short, but I trust my hairdresser.  I have a red streak on my "sweeping bangs" which luckily I can tuck behind my ear.  I got so tired of putting my hair up all the time and it was very heavy and hot.  Someday I'll grow it back long, but for now it's a good change. It's something different.  I thought it would make my face look "fatter", but I don't see that it does.  

The last two pictures are from today.  I took a shower last night and didn't do my hair.  Wow, I was in for a short hair shock this morning when I woke up.  I got my hair wet and styled it.  In doing so, I realized I need a new round brush and a couple hair products to help me out......but until then I think I did a pretty decent job recreating what my hairdresser did. 

If you don't see a difference in the two pictures...just know that I can feel it.  Mine feels a bit more poofy than after she did it.  That's all.  Otherwise, it's all good.


Not quite the Bradys said...

LOVE it!

Lorri said...

Thanks!! :)

Haven't seen you around much lately. Where have you been? Chloe's bugging me for someone to play with. ;)